A Shift

Lieutenant Kevin Mossman

 Lt. Mossman is the Dept. Fire Prevention officer


Firefighter/Paramedic Tim Royer

FF Royer is the Local 2713 union President



Firefighter/Paramedic Tyler Bryant

FF Bryant is building and grounds/Logistics



Firefighter/Paramedic Jonathan Hopfgarten

B Shift

Lieutenant/Paramedic Keith Wilson

Lt. Wilson is the Dept. EMS coordinator


Firefighter/Paramedic Jim VanBibber


Firefighter/Paramedic Sherri Mullin


Firefighter/Paramedic Michael Reimer

C Shift

Lieutenant/Paramedic Charley Barends

Lt. Barends is the Dept. Public Education Officer


Firefighter/Paramedic Peter O’Brien



Firefighter/Paramedic Chris Harris

FF Harris is the Dept. Mechanic


Firefighter/Paramedic Robert Heffernan

FF Heffernan is the Local 2713 Treasurer


D Shift

Lieutenant/Paramedic Robert O’Brien

Lt. O’Brien is the Dept. Training officer



Firefighter/Paramedic Sean Gerraughty


Firefighter/Paramedic Eric Adams

FF Adams is the Local 2713 Secretary


Firefighter/Paramedic Gary Somers


Probationary Firefighter/EMT Thomas White

Picture coming soon


Chief  Jerome Thompson


Administrative Assistant Barbara Murphy