History OF HFD


Hanson Fire Deaprtment dates back to the late 1800’s and was comprised mostly of local men and horse drawn hose companies.

Firefighters were on call and responded from their homes when sirens were activated throughout the town.

During this time the fire department ran out of three stations which were located on Main Street, Reed Street and East Washington Street.

Curently Hanson Fire has two stations. HQ is located at 505 Liberty Street Rte. 58, and Station 2 is located on Main Street, Rte. 27. Station 2 is used primarily as storage for out of service apparatus and a Plymouth County Technical Rescue trailer. The station is occasionally manned under special circumstances such as major winterstorms.

On 6/22/1979 Local 2713 received its charter membership from the IAFF.


In 1965 while responding to a building fire in the city of Brockton a Hanson Engine was involved in a collision enroute killing Firefighters James R. Craig and ThomasW. Lovett and seriously injuring future Fire Chief Peter Huska.

On September 13th 1980 Firefighter David Grindle was killed in the line of Duty during a training incident.

Hanson Fire/Rescue continues to honor the bravery and sacrifice of these brave men.

Below are some images representing the history of our Department:

Hanson Fire Department Hose Company No. 2 Located on Main Street in 1910

(From L to R) Edward Keene, Norman Mackenzie, Will Thayer, Angus Maclellan, Irving Bryant, Charles Burrell, Fred Brown, Ben Livermore, James Lowery, Summer Josselyn, John Ibbitson Merritt Bates. The 2 Horses Named Fred and Dick

In 1910 Hanson Fire placed into service Hose Company 3. This was one of the first trucks in the state used to fight forest fires.


Horse Drawn Hose Company With 6 Call Firefighters


(L to R) John Ibbitson, Roderick McClellan, Arthur Brown, Ben Livermore, Irvin Bryant and Fred Brown


Photo Taken In 1955 Taken In Front Of The Main St Fire Station. Firefighters With The Second Hand Ambulance.


Firefighters With Three Engines On Main Street. The Left Engine Was Located On Main Street. The Middle Engine Was From Burrage Station And The Engine On The Right Was From The North Station.



Hanson Fire currently runs out of one station and protects over 10,000 residents/homes/businesses in over 15 square miles in addition to providing mutual aid services to surrounding towns as needed. This is accomplished with 16 firefighters, 3 engines, 1 tower truck, 1 forestry unit, a mini pumper, rescue dive boat and 2 ALS ambulances.

On 6/1/2001 Hanson Fire went to the Advanced Life Support (Paramedic) Level. Our Paramedic staffing is currently 15 Paramedics.

The mission of Hanson fire Local 2713 continues to assure high quality Fire suppression, Rescue and Emergency medical services to the citizens of Hanson.